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 Ramakrishna Kutir, Almora 

Swami Vivekananda in one of his lectures in Almora had expressed his fervent desire to set up an Ashrama in the silent and holy peaks of the Himalayas. He had said- 

These Mountains are associated with the best memories of our race…where Rishis lived, where philosophy was born… Here, therefore, must be one of those centres, not merely of activity, but more of calmness, of meditation, and of peace; and I hope someday to realise it.” 

To realize this dream of Swami Vivekananda, his brother disciples Swami Shivananda and Swami Turiyananda established this Ashrama in 1916. Sri Ramakrishna Kutir serves as a spiritual & retreat center for the monastics of Ramakrishna Order from India & abroad. The devotees and guests are also permitted to spend some days in solitude for their spiritual development in the serene and spiritual ambience of the Ashrama. 


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The ideology of Ramakrishna Math outlined finds expression through our multifarious activities of the Math—whether it be educating students at a school (or) nursing patients in a medical facility—are considered different forms of a single act of worship.  

All these activities are conducted as service, service to God in man.

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